Why PowerPoint’s Grouping Feature Doesn’t Always Work

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Microsoft PowerPoint’s grouping feature can be quite useful when creating presentations. When you use it, you can move several objects as a unit, which is quicker than moving them individually. Plus, moving objects as a group retains their position in relation to one another. The grouping feature is available in PowerPoint 2007 and later versions. For example, here are the … Read More

Get Your Documents out of the File Cabinet and into the Cloud

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Does your business have numerous file cabinets stuffed with documents, making it hard to find the files you need? If so, you might consider storing your files in the cloud instead. Digitally storing your documents will make them easier to find because you can quickly perform searches for them, eliminating the need to physically sift through the files. Plus, you … Read More

How to Print Branded Envelopes Using Microsoft Word 2016

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Microsoft Word makes it easy for companies to produce their own branded stationery. Business professionals typically know how to add logos to correspondence they create in Word. However, the same cannot be said for adding logos to envelopes. Doing so, though, is straightforward. To create envelopes that include your company logo in Word 2016, follow these steps: Put an image … Read More

The Pros and Cons of Moving Your Email Services to the Cloud

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Email is an essential communication tool for most businesses. While email services have traditionally been provided on-premises, an increasing number of companies are moving their email services to the cloud. Almost 60 percent of businesses worldwide now use either Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite, according to the Bitglass 2016 Cloud Adoption Report. Office 365 is deployed in 34.8 … Read More

How to Create Branded Labels in Microsoft Word 2016

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Microsoft Word 2016 provides easy-to-use templates for printing a wide variety of labels, such as those used for office organization and shipping. Each template is designed for a specific brand and type of label, so you do not have to manually format your document for a label’s specific measurements. Although the templates lock in the label’s size, you are able … Read More