How to Create Branded Labels in Microsoft Word 2016

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Microsoft Word 2016 provides easy-to-use templates for printing a wide variety of labels, such as those used for office organization and shipping. Each template is designed for a specific brand and type of label, so you do not have to manually format your document for a label’s specific measurements.

Although the templates lock in the label’s size, you are able to customize the styling and formatting within them. For example, you can change the font as well as its size and weight. You can even add images to your labels. This can come in handy if you want to create labels that include your company’s logo.

Here is how you would use Word 2016 to create branded return address labels:

  1. Put an image file (e.g., JPG or PNG) of your company logo in Windows’s Pictures folder.
  2. Open a blank document and select the "Mailings" tab.
  3. Choose the "Labels" option.
  4. Click the "Options" button.
  5. In the "Printer information" section, specify the type of printer and document feed tray you will be using to print the labels.
  6. In the "Label information" section, select the vendor (e.g., "Avery") and product number (e.g., "18160 address labels") of the labels.
  7. Click "OK".
  8. Click the "New Document" option. Word will open a new file that contains a grid of labels.
  9. Place your cursor into one of the labels and enter your business’s name and address.
  10. Put your cursor back at the beginning of the first line of the text you entered. For example, if your first line in the address label reads "XYZ Company", put the cursor in front of the letter X.
  11. Select the "Insert" tab, click "Pictures", select your logo, and click "Insert".
  12. When the "Layout Options" icon appears, click it.
  13. In the "With Text Wrapping" section, choose the layout option that works best for your logo and address. Adjust the size of the logo and customize the text if desired.
  14. Once the address label is how you want it to appear, make sure the "Move with text" option is chosen and close the "Layout Options" box.
  15. Highlight the address in the label. Your logo should also be automatically highlighted.
  16. Click the "Copy" button.
  17. Put your cursor into a blank label and click the "Paste" button. Repeat for the rest of the blank labels.
  18. Load your labels into the printer tray you specified in step 6. Consider printing out multiple sheets of labels at once.
  19. Select the "Print" option on the "File" tab.
  20. Click the "Print" button to print the labels.
  21. Save the document so that you can print more labels in the future.

The process to customize other types of labels is similar. You just need to select the appropriate label information in step 6.