The Pros and Cons of Moving Your Email Services to the Cloud

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Email is an essential communication tool for most businesses. While email services have traditionally been provided on-premises, an increasing number of companies are moving their email services to the cloud. Almost 60 percent of businesses worldwide now use either Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite, according to the Bitglass 2016 Cloud Adoption Report. Office 365 is deployed in 34.8 … Read More

Get Your Documents out of the File Cabinet and into the Cloud

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Does your business have numerous file cabinets stuffed with documents, making it hard to find the files you need? If so, you might consider storing your files in the cloud instead. Digitally storing your documents will make them easier to find because you can quickly perform searches for them, eliminating the need to physically sift through the files. Plus, you … Read More

The Private Cloud: What It Is and Whether It Is Right for Your Business

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As a business professional, you are likely familiar with public clouds such as Office 365, Google Apps, Dropbox, and Amazon Web Services. But are you as familiar with private clouds? If you answered "No", you are not alone. Many people do not know much about them. It does not help that there is a great deal of confusing and sometimes … Read More

What You Need to Know about the Changes to OneDrive Storage Limits

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Microsoft is changing the storage limits for users of its OneDrive and OneDrive for Business cloud storage services. Back in 2014, the company had significantly increased the limits. Admitting it overcommitted, Microsoft officials noted, "If we continued with the current offerings, we wouldn’t be able to sustain our growth and deliver the reliable service that you count on." The storage … Read More

XaaS: Not Just Another IT Fad

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Thanks to advances in technology, modern society has begun to embrace service-based business models rather than ownership-based ones. For instance, instead of buying movies, many people are now streaming them from Netflix, Hulu, or another service provider. The IT industry is going through a similar evolution. In the past, vendors simply sold their hardware, software, and other IT products to … Read More