5 Tips for Choosing a Cloud Backup Solution

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With cloud-based services growing in popularity, due largely to their ability to drastically cut down on capital costs, and acceptance, more and more companies are looking to the cloud for data backup solutions. But in a growing field that seems to launch a new competitor every other day, how do you choose a cloud backup solution that’s right for your … Read More

How to Create an IT Outsourcing Contract

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As outsourcing becomes the norm, many companies are working to incorporate the outsourcing process into their regular operations. Part of this process includes contracting employees and adhering to those contracts. IT consulting and outsourcing companies usually work under a contract for a specific length of time, or until a project is completed. This contract is an agreement to perform services … Read More

6 Signs Your Hard Drive Might Be Failing

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Computers sometimes experience hard drive failures, regardless of whether they have solid state or mechanical drives. For this reason, it is important to regularly back up your files and applications. In addition, it is beneficial to know the common warning signs of hard drive failure. That way, you can address the problem before it leads to lost productivity — and … Read More