Microsoft Stops Supporting Windows Vista

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On April 11, 2017, Microsoft ended all support for its Windows Vista operating system. This comes as no surprise as Microsoft routinely ends support for its applications once they are about a decade old. Businesses continuing to use Windows Vista will be vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Plus, if you run into problems, Microsoft will no longer be providing … Read More

How to Archive Your Google Data

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When you sign up for a Google account, you get access to many services, such as Gmail, Contacts, and Google Drive. Upon activation, each of these services will rapidly start accumulating large amounts of data on Google’s servers, especially if you use the services for work. However, you won’t be able to access any of your information if you need … Read More

5 Things to Do Before You Start Using a New Computer

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Nowadays, most computers ship with preloaded software and preconfigured system settings. While this makes setup easier, it can also lead to the assumption that the computer is ready to use immediately afterward. But that’s not usually the case. Before you use any new computer, it is important to perform several tasks that will better secure it and optimize its performance. … Read More