5 Ways to Save Time When Formatting Word 2016 Documents

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Most Microsoft Word 2016 users know the formatting basics, but many of them are unaware of the features they can use to streamline the formatting process. By customizing some formatting features and using shortcuts, they can get presentation-quality documents with minimal effort. Here are five ways you can save time when formatting Word 2016 documents: 1. Change the Default Font … Read More

5 Types of Files You Should Back Up

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Backing up your business files regularly is recommended in case a hard disk suddenly fails, a ransomware attack occurs, or another type of disaster destroys your data. However, not every file on your system is essential and needs to be included in these backups. You can save both time and space by backing up only the files critical to the … Read More

3 Emerging IT Trends That Will Start Impacting Businesses This Year

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Each year, new IT trends arise, but they are typically not too surprising or revolutionary. However, this year, three innovations have matured to a point where they are beginning to impact how businesses operate. What’s more, these technologies have the potential to transform the IT landscape in the very near future. Here are the three emerging IT trends and how … Read More