Why You Need a Document Management System

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Documents are a part of every business. The bigger the business, the greater the complexity and the quantity of the documentation. A few decades back, people could only wish for paperless offices. Now, companies can use the computing resources to dispose of the paper-based documents. However, only big companies were able to afford the technological solutions before. Small businesses could … Read More

How to Evaluate Cloud Vendors

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The concept of providing services through a cloud has been revolutionary and has changed the way people use computers. To put it simply, cloud computing means that your data is no longer kept in a single place. Also known as ‘distributed computing’, cloud computing is inherently different from the traditional model of centralized data. When a particular technology has existed … Read More

6 IT Policies to Help Protect Your Company

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Many companies rely on IT to help run their businesses. For this reason, they often depend on a set of IT policies to ensure the productive, appropriate, and legal use of IT resources. IT policies establish expectations and regulations for behavior related to company computers and networks. In addition, IT policies detail consequences for employees or customers in the event … Read More