What Are The Best Alternatives To Windows Server 2003?

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The big news in the tech press now is the end of life for Windows XP. Less publicized, but probably far more important to the operation of many small businesses is the end of life for Windows Server 2003, which happens on July 14, 2015. While that date may seem comfortably distant, transitioning a business server can be much more … Read More

How to Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode

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Like its predecessors, Windows 10 lets you boot into safe mode to troubleshoot and fix problems. For example, you might need to start your computer in safe mode when you cannot delete a file because an unknown process is using it. When you boot into safe mode, Windows 10 loads only the essential software required for the computer to work. … Read More

4 Things You Might Not Know Your Mac Can Do

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Apple adds features and capabilities to each new version of Macintosh OS X. These additions often come in the form of improvements made to the built-in apps (e.g., Mail) and utilities (e.g., Finder). As a result, you might not even be aware of the enhancements. Here are four useful tasks that you can perform in OS X Yosemite and OS … Read More