Microsoft Sway: A Simple, Interactive Tool for Creating Presentations

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In late 2014, Microsoft unveiled a simple, easy-to-use web application for creating presentations. The application, which is called Microsoft Sway, was released to the general public in December 2014, though a preview version of the application debuted in October. Some experts view Microsoft Sway as the company’s answer to Prezi, a presentation-creation tool that has become fairly popular in the … Read More

What Surveys Say about Moving to the Cloud

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Cloud computing has surged in popularity. The 2015 Cloud Security Spotlight Report clearly makes this point. More than 70 percent of the 1,010 participants reported that they use or plan to use a cloud computing solution. Yet, some organizations are still apprehensive about using the cloud. Common Concerns Organizations hesitant about cloud computing are often concerned about: Security. Security is … Read More