How Software-Defined Storage Can Help Your Business

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IT professionals have debated over the exact meaning of the term software-defined storage (SDS). While the details may still be undefined, everyone agrees that this data storage method uses generic hardware and vendor-specific software. In essence, SDS emphasizes the role of software in data storage, while traditional solutions focus on the hardware. After reaching out to hundreds of IT professionals, … Read More

How to Avoid the Noisy Neighbor Issue on Public Clouds

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The cloud has already entered the mainstream, but that doesn’t mean that there is just one type of cloud. In fact, there are 3 of them: public, private, and hybrid. The public cloud lets different companies share access to applications and storage space. These assets are stored in a service provider’s data center, and are accessible via the Internet. Typically, … Read More

5 Ways a Managed Services Provider Can Make Your Life Easier

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Managed services providers (MSPs) are lifesavers for business owners and executives to manage their IT equipment and services. Among many other things, MSPs update software, provide data backup solutions, and keep files safe from hackers. As the industry trade group CompTIA noted in a March 2015 report, over 70% of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) used a third-party IT company … Read More