The Windows 10 Delay: How Microsoft Plans to Roll Out the Operating System

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Microsoft has been gearing up for the release of Windows 10 for several months. As part of the release, the company will be offering free copies of the operating system to people with PCs running genuine copies of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1. Experts believe that there are hundreds of millions of computers around the world that … Read More

5 Problems That You Can Solve With Effective Document Management

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Some people will tell you that there is only one constant in this world: change. Businessmen, on the other hand, will tell you that there’s at least one more constant that they must contend with, namely paperwork. Every company on the planet has a way of keeping track of their documents. Yet, in spite of the technological advancements made over … Read More

5 Reasons Your IT Manager Shouldn’t Worry About an Outside MSP

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Before companies bring in an MSP to deal with various IT needs, they often consider many factors. These include cost, benefit to productivity, and impact on organizational efficiency. What’s rarely looked at is how the current IT manager feels about the situation. An IT manager may experience a combination of fear, dread, and panic. They consider bringing in an outside … Read More